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Generic features:

  •  Distortion-free, light sectional steel chassis
  •  Four-wheel drive with „Vulkollan“ wheels
  •  Stable lateral guidance with 4 lateral guide rollers at the angle bracket on the operator side
  •  3-phase traction drive with frequency control
  •  Machine reversing speed can be adjusted separately
  •  Automatic pre-centring of material beginning during threading
  • Electronic edge control, manually adjustable
  • Fault-cutting-off-mode with automatic synchronous material rewinding
  •  Automatic return drive of spreader to the loading position at fabric end
  •  Motor-driven lift for the cutting and zigzag unit, with automatic height adjustmentat ply height
  • Control handle for continuous manual adjustment of the spreding speed
  •  Power and air supply with cable drag chain

Additional integrated features:

  • Cradle with permanent drive and synchronisation to the travel speed by means of electric shaft with adjustable Leg
  • Halfmoon device and platform for folded fabrics
  •  Pneumatic tilting of the cradle into loading and unloading position 
  •  The lateral guides for the fabric roll can be adjusted independently of each other
  • Automatic fabric rewinding before unloading the cradle
  •  Automatic fabric threading and unthreading

Working width:

Working width 1600,1800,2200 mm (other versions
on request)
max. roll diameter 500 mm
max. roll weight 100 kg
max. spreading speed 120 m/min
max. layer height 180 mm
Compressed air (optional) minimum 6 bar
Electricity 230/400 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 kW


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