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Advertising Production Process:

AUTO CAD design → digital printing → ORBITO cutting system → finished product

Product Description:

ORBITO advertising cutting machine MTC series with precision CCD positioning cutting function, which allows you to easily locate whatever material is cut, and can complete the car stickers, Backing Adhesive, PVC, KT board and acrylic and other different materials Cutting, can maximize the production efficiency, save labor.

OSPC03-2516 Product Introduction

1. ORBITO self-developed control system, adapting the European imports of DSP controller to ensure faster and more stable operation.

2. ORBITO automatic patrol CCD positioning system, the configuration of Germany imported CCD positioning camera, to achieve accurate positioning of different materials, to ensure accurate cutting edge inspection.Avoid the imprecision of manual cutting and the inaccuracy of printing of the printer.

3. Any replaceable cutter head, dual tool head, can switch tools at any time depending on the material; more optional installation: Foam Cut tool, Milling Tool, V-CUT tool, Universal Cutting Tool, Kiss Cut Tool and so on.

4. Platform structure, using 60mm thick honeycomb aluminum plate platform, durable, not deformed.

5. The main operation mechanism of ORBITO adopts Japanese imported mitsubishi servo motor to ensure that the cutting accuracy cutting precision is more accurate, run faster and more smoothly.

6.ORBITO continuous feeding system, which can cut the coil infinitely long, and configure automatic rectifying function in the feeding process to prevent material cutting error.

7. ORBITO automatic nesting system, according to the membrane for equidistant cutting, save 30% more than the peer cutting time, and to achieve seamless docking.

8. 7-inch large touch screen, one-click change parameters, to achieve man-machine dialogue.

Optional Tool Introduction:

1.High-speed Oscillating Knife

Switzerland imported motor, through the principle of high-frequency vibration to cut through the material, more suitable for 5mm below PVC, KT board and medium density cutting material, you can choose to install 45 °, 26 °, 16 ° and other different angles of the cutting blade to complete Different thickness of the material cutting.

2. Universal Cutting Tool

Universal Cutting Tool for cutting 5mm below the PVC material, as well as coil, light box cloth and other flexible materials through cutting. Ordinary knife wide range of applications, according to different materials, choose different angles of the blade.

3. Kiss Cut Tool

Kiss Cut Tool can automatically adjust the depth of the tip, so that only cut through the upper half of the material without damage to the lower half of the material, the main application of labels, stickers and other materials cutting, cutting speed can reach 1000mm / s, Instead of cutting machine work.

4. V-CUT tool

V-CUT tool for cutting moderate hard PVC, corrugated, honeycomb panels and opening different angles of the groove line to be creased. You can adjust the grooves of different angles according to your different needs. Such as: 0 °, 45 °, 60 °, 180 ° and so on.

5. Foam Cut Tool

Foam Cut Tool is high-frequency vibration motor through the high-speed vibration of the material for all-cutting, mainly for the carton internal partition of the foam and the advertising industry bubble word.


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