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  • Easy to operate , fast and accurate Pattern Designing using Advanced tools and
    geomentric procudures.
  • Performs multiple operation simultaneously and soves time.
  • Fast and accurate Pattern modifiction tools with Besiure Curves.
  • Advanced tools for the simulation of the Darts, Pleats, Fullness, folds, Buldge.
  • Create & Edit sizes with most powerful grading tools- automatic and manual grading.
  • Direct Import of Native datas of Gerber, Lectra, Assyst and Investronica.
  • Import and Export of DXF/AAMA files, Plot files and Cut files.
  • Modules for Techpack creation, measument charts.
  • Options for the Pattern checking and verifying.
  • Customizable Short keys for all the tools.


  • Creates an accurate cut order for even the biggest and most complex orders involving
    multiple colors and varying quantities of different size.
  • Automatic Cut Order optimizations, – plan size ratios, Ply Calculations
  • Consolidated Cut Order Report in MS EXCEL and PDFS
  • Handles double lays, Tubular Fabrics, Fabric Groupings, End Losses, Side Sleveages
  • Chooses the best Efficent Diameter of the fabric
  • Export options for the cutter and plotters


  • Marker making for the Stripes and plaid fabrics, tubular fabrics, fusing blocks.
  • Manual nesting with short key functions for easy piece placements
  • Options to have Size by Size nesting, size group nesting, shade markers
  • Special tools to hande the defects in the fabrics
  • Fully advance, more efficient marker optimization
  • Elaborate mini marker reports in pdfs and MS EXCEL
  • Direct Import of markers from gerber , lectra ,Assyst and dxf markers
  • Advanced tools for Optimizing the cut path, start point for the cut files
  • Interactive tools for measuring distances, perimeters


  • MTM is the latest module from the ORBITO and it was developed for the two main applications in garment design
  • for the Fashion industry, Boutiques and others who produce on demand , made to measure clothes.
    ORBITO MTM provide automatic pattern reshapes to fit the individual dimensions of each customer.
    It can be use for any type of cloths that requires a perfect match on the clients body such as Suits, Pants , Shirts
  • For mass garments production ORBITO MTM provides fully automatic grading on different size sets and
    it is capable to grade a single product for several different size tables, for different markets, without any human
    intervention. for instance , the same shirt designed only one time as a parametric project can be automatically
    graded at a blink of a eye to fit the standard size chart for UK and after that without any intervention can be
    graded for the standard size set for France or Canada or Spain.


  • Easy, Fast & Accurate Digitizing Of Patterns
  • Single click to capture the Patterns and Just another click to process the picture to pattern files
  • Direct Export options to dxf, Lectra (.iba) , Gerber ( .tmp) , Assyst (.Zip) and Investronica (.exp)
  • Advanced options to modify patterns, add auxilary patterns , add notches
  • Zoom and Navigate options
  • Options add Pattern names, grain lines

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